Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services can help with maintaining your space and keeping it in tip-top shape! We will ensure an understanding of what you desire, and the ability to meet and exceed each and every one of your cleaning service needs. Together we can create a cleaning plan that best suits your needs. Whether just a quick tidy up is needed or a complete janitorial service cleaning, we can deliver the cleaning service that will leave you breathing a sigh of relief. Call Universal Cleaning Service today to schedule an appointment for top-of-the-line help with all of your office cleaning needs!

Some of the places that our team is available to clean include:

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers
  • Universities, School Day Care, Senior Centers
  • Public and Sport Parks, Cemeteries
  • Mall Shopping Center, Supermarket
  • Warehouses, Industries
  • Police Departments, Car Dealership
  • Hotels & Casinos, Night Clubs
  • Movie Theaters, Restaurants
  • Parking Lot, Side Walk
  • Basement, Loading Dock
  • City Libraries